1 - What is the aim of this soft ?

> PocketDivXEncoder allows you to encode video files with some parameters that fit the capabilities of handled devices (PDA, Smartphone, Portable VideoPlayers). On a PocketPC, Palm, or Smartphone, the recommended software player is TCPMP.

2 - How can I make a DVD copy with this software ?

> This soft doesn't allow you to copy commercial DVDs because it is completely illegal ! I won't answer to questions about any illegal stuff, so don't ask, it would be a waste of your time.

3 - What are the software requirements for PocketDivXEncoder ?

> You have to install a recent version of DIrectX (>9). No other soft or codec is required to make PocketDivXEncoder work. If you don't know which version of DirectX is installed on your system, just run my soft... If your version is out-of-date, it will display a warning.

4 - When playing a file on my PC, there are some artifacts on the video...

> You need to play your movies with another software player : this problem can happen when rendering non-DivX (e.g. XviD or FFMPEG) movies with the DivX codec. Try using a player like MPlayer or VideoLanClient.

5 - I don't know how to play movies on my Palm/PocketPC/Smartphone...

> You need to download "TCPMP" and to install it on your Palm/PocketPC/Smartphone...

6 - The clip is stretched / flipped upside-down !

> ...that's why I've implemented some resize and pre-rotate functions! You can change the rotation option by clicking on the PDA in the "Advanced options".

7 - Your program made my computer crash !

> This program is in its early stages of development, so it is possible it contains some bugs. I'm not responsible for any damage this program could cause to your computer. However, this program doesn't use any critical resource of the computer, so it is not likely to make it crash...

8 - OK, I understand but why does my computer crash when I use PocketDivXEncoder ?

> I'm sorry but I think it has something to do with your hardware : PocketDivXEncoder uses nearly 100% of your CPU, so the CPU is getting very warm during the process. The problem is often caused by a cheap CPU fan which is not sufficient... but it can be caused by a corrupted RAM component or something...

9 - When I encode a file without checking the "XviD" box, the output file still uses the XviD codec...

> The output file is not actually a XviD file but a FFMPEG file. However, in order the encoded files to work on the majority of PMP types, the FourCC (the field in the video file that describes the video codec) used when encoding with PDE is "XviD". That's why some software like Gspot wrongly assume that the video file is an XviD file whereas it's not.

10 - I want to submit a bug / a suggestion / I want to receive the source code !

> No problem, send-me a mail with a precise description of how the bug happened (if it is for a bug report)... Please, use the utilities provided to help me recreate the same bug on my computer : you can copy/paste the log that appears at the end of the encoding process for example ! Also tell me which software and version you use (for encoding AND playing movies...). Thanks a lot !

11 - You do so many English mistakes, I can't even understand what you are saying...

> Well... Sorry... I'm French and you know how bad we speak English... Sorry for that... Please, send-me a mail in order to correct my English mistakes !

12 - When I hit the "Encode" button, a window appears then immediately disapears and nothing is encoded...

> Windows XP data execution prevention causes massive problems in PocketDivXEncoder. To turn it off :
1. Right-click "My Computer" and select "Properties"
2. Go to the "Advanced" tab
3. In the "Performance" section, click the "Settings" button
4. Go to the "Data Execution Prevention" tab
5. Select the 2nd option ("Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select")
6. Click the "Add" button and find your PocketDivXEncoder program
7. Hit "Ok" and "Ok" again to close both windows.
(thanks to Andy on the Omniquiti forum for finding this ^_^)