0.4.4 - 09-12-2008 (BETA)

- Added external templates management (you can download or create your own device templates and use them in PocketDivXEncoder)
- Created a great template generator (you can download it from here)
- Added some new templates created with the template generator (you can download them here)
- Improved encoding speed, especially for multi-core processors
- Added a full Vista (Aero) support
- New file formats recognized
- Better image quality with the last mencoder
- Up to 1920x1080 HD resolutions
- Changed the graphical interface
- Improved the integrated player
- Corrected a bug in the "resize" function (thanks to yapaksa)

0.3.96 - 06-16-2008

- Added Serbian language (thanks to Zeljko Matic)
- Added Hebrew language (thanks to éðéá ìåéðñ÷é)
- Added Japanese language (thanks to sumasa)
- Added support for encoding from several new movie standards
- Added a "High Definition TV" template
- Changed encoding options --> the encoding speed is a bit slower than before, but the quality is better !
- Improved support for MKV files
- Added a button for automatically maximize image for your device screen (in the "Resize" window)
- Corrected a bug with "mencodersh.exe"
- Now PocketDivXEncoder (seems to) work on Vista
- Corrected some incompatibility issues with older Archos devices
- New file formats recognized
- Corrected a bug with Stereo sound being "DualChannel"
- Changed the graphical interface
- Added a default font for subtitles
- Added a new interface for choosing subtitles and audio tracks

0.3.60 - 08-01-2006

- Added Thai language (thanks to Chan !)
- Added Dutch language (thanks to Sylph !)
- Added Hungarian language (thanks to TGeRi !)
- Delanj has made a great English doc for PocketDivXEncoder. It is available for download on my website and also in the help section of PocketDivXEncoder (the English version). A big thanks to him !
- A new template added : the Gemsoc MJB Multimedia Jukebox !
- A new template added : the iRiver H340 !
- A new template added : the iRiver PMP100 !
- A new template added : the Archos Gmini400 !
- A new template added : the Archos AV500 !
- A new template added : the Archos AV700 !
- A new template added : the Home Cinema !
- Added an option for choosing whether you want to watch your movies on the Archos screen or on the TV screen.
- Added the ability to choose any ttf font you want for hardcoded subtitles
- Added all encoding charsets for subtitles
- The subtitles charset is automatically detected at startup
- Added an option for subtitles size
- Added an option in the crop section which adapts the crop settings to a given aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9, ...)
- Added MP4 filetypes support
- Added a "Video direct stream copy" option
- Added a button for choosing any subtitle textfile you want to hardcode with your video file
- Added some extra information about the input movie file when clicking on the "i" button (framerate,...)
- Added an option for normalizing the audio track
- Added an option for creating a "live" effect in the audio stream : the differences between the right and the left audio channels are raised...
- Added an "Iconify" option when encoding
- Added an detailed Help file made in HTML with Screenshots

- Better detection of movie clips with multiple audio streams (BivX, OGM, MKV, etc...)
- Better detection of the movie clip aspect ratio
- The resize/cropping functions have been made more intuitive
- Now PocketDivXEncoder isn't based on the cygwin libraries anymore. The bug of the progressbar that stays at "0%" for example is fixed.
- Lowered the executable file size of 15%.
- Improved internationnal support (default charset for subtitles, Asian filenames, ...)
- Completely recompiled the background encoding engine (mencoder) : now PDE supports a lot of new video standards (dv, mkv, dat, swf, ...).
- Some improvements in speed and stability of the encoding engine (some bugs corrected)
- PocketDivXEncoder is no more based on the codecs that are in your system. It includes its own codecs.
- Rewrote the readme file
- Removed the Comics fonts
- More subtitles formats supported
- Moved on to the latest CVS version of FFMPEG
- Removed the last task performed by VirtualDub --> the EXE file is smaller and no more error messages like this one : "Couldn't locate decompressor for format DX50 (UNKNOWN)".
- Now the Task lists has an horizontal scrollbar...
- Now the resize filter is "Lanczos" (best quality - speed a little slower)
- Now you can send a bug report with the Log attached.
- Now when the input video can't be edited into PocketDivXEncoder, pictures are displayed instead.
- Now the default output resolution is set to the max between the input clip resolution and the dimensions of the chosen device.
- Now the default video bitrate is lowered to the input bitrate in order not to obtain an output file bigger than the input file.
- Now the default audio quality is set to fit the input file audio quality.
- Completely changed the way the different languages are managed : now the different languages are stored in some ini files. If you want to create your own language, just use the "test" template and edit the test.ini file in your Temp directory. Then send me the ini file you created !

Bugs corrected:
- Corrected an important bug that was creating some audio/video synchronization problems
- Corrected some random crash (especially for resize and crop windows)
- Corrected a bug with Hebrew subtitles thanks to Ziv
- Corrected a bug : the default extension for the output file was always ".ogm". Now it is ".avi".
- Corrected a bug : Asian filenames and paths are now correctly recognized by the soft.
- Corrected a bug : sometimes PocketDivXEncoder failed when proposing the different audio streams to encode.
- Corrected a bug : movie files were sometimes not compressed well when choosing XviD 2-pass
- Corrected a bug : PocketDivXEncoder was sometimes freezing when closing a movie window (Resize, Crop and Cut windows)
- Corrected a bug : sometimes, the progress window was not closed correctly.
- Corrected a bug : sometimes the "Preview" option was not working well.
- Corrected a bug : large files (>2GB) weren't supported
- Corrected a bug : sometimes there was an error message in French saying "Operation en virgule flottante...."
- Corrected a bug : on Archos AV100/AV300 series, the movies sometimes had artifacts like big blocks on very fast motion scenes...
- Corrected the "Too many video packets in the buffer" bug
- Corrected some bugs into the preview window : on some computers, the window was blank... Users were just hearing sound, but no picture was displayed.
- Now all the options are saved with each task in the tasklist
- No more OGM files support : the OGM profile was getting to hard to maintain and the process was not giving satisfactory results...
- Now the videos are playable on the Archos JBMM20 (they weren't before, it was a bug !)

0.3.50 - 26-07-2004

- Added Russian language (thanks to DJ_TaCHAT !)
- In the "help" section : added two options for adding a PocketDivXEncoder menu when using right-click on a video file into the Windows explorer and for uninstalling PDE registry keys.
- It's now possible to choose whether or not you want PDE to resize video automatically in the crop window in order to keep the aspect ratio
- The crop settings are written down into the crop window
- Now users can choose their device when launching the program.
- PDE asks you which stream you want to encode when your input file is a "BivX"
- Added the previously removed contrast slider
- Corrected the "Runtime error" bug with Archos templates
- Some bugs corrected with the "Preview" button
- The video dimensions are now multiples of "4"
- The subtitles fonts are bigger for Western langages
- Now Archos templates are adapted to each (AV1XX, AV3XX and AV4XX) series
- Little enhancements in the Archos template (MOV files can now be encoded without being erased !)
- The soft is no more incompatible with cygwin
- Support for the Archos AV400 added
- A lot of bugs corrected !
- Bitrate limitations have been raised
- Now the default name for output files is "<...>_.avi" (e.g. : "Movie_Archos.avi", "Movie_Palm.avi", "Movie_Smartphone.avi", ...)
- Now the soft can open .ty movies ("TyVo")

0.3.40a - 03-05-2004

Little enhancements in the Archos template and bugfixes :
- The estimated filesize is more accurate (based on the audio/video bitrate, on the image dimensions and on take the cuts into account)
- Now only one instance of the soft is possible
- The cutting function has been improved : you can seek in the video with the arrows and "pause" the video by clicking on the pad (in the picture...)
- The bug "Division by zero" when compressing some particular batch lists should be fixed
- Now the soft can open Quicktime movies

0.3.40 - 01-05-2004

- MAJOR BUG FIX : The FourCC of the output file is now set correctly. It is done directly into mencoder. If it fails, then there is an error message into the log.
- The encoded video files now work very well on Smartphones thanks to the new wonderful DivX player "betaplayer" which is available from Picard's website : http://picard.exceed.hu/tcpmp/test/
- Thanks to "betaplayer", we can now play MPEG4 files with B-Frames, so I've added this feature to PDXE. The use of B-Frames (for "Bidirectionnal frames") improves the picture quality.
- The IVTC option (for out-of-sync issues with NTSC movies) should work correctly now.
- Now the estimated output filesize should be displayed also with multiple VOB files.
- The percentage of each step is now displayed in the statusbar of the encoding window, near the total percentage.
- The bug in the cropping window (VOB files weren't rendered) should be fixed now. Just click on the camera icon if you see no picture.
- Added a template for the Archos Multimedia Jukebox (thanks to Foxinou, Poy, Lucky and Alexis for that !).
- Added some better default presets for Smartphones (thanks to Jeff)
- Updated the help and FaQ sections on my site and in the soft...

0.3.31 - 18-04-2004

- Corrected (I hope so !) the big bug : on some computers where a Linux soft was ported (like EasyPHP, Apache, CDRecord, WebAlyzer, ...), mencoder was just not running at all. During my test, I realized that when the temp directory was containing less caracters, the soft was working well. So I added an option in order to choose the temp directory (in the help window). The default temp directory is now set to "C:\Temp".
- Corrected (again, I hope so !) a bug that was displaying ["" n'est pas une valeur entière correcte] just before encoding.
- Someone reported that the bug that obliged some users to re-download PDXE after having used it only once is fixed (I really don't know how !!)
- Corrected another bug : DVD audio stream was set to default during encoding even if another one was chosen.
- Added some corrections and the readme in the Italian version (thanks to ppcvideo.net !)
- Corrected a bug : the sound volume digits weren't displayed well.
- Some display bugs have been corrected
- Added a way to save settings into a file whose extension (.pdxe) is associated with PocketDivXEncoder.

0.3.30 - 13-04-2004

- Added Czech language (thanks to CooL !) - The subtitles fonts are automatically set to "Center Europe when switching to this language...)
- Added Italian language (thanks to http://www.PPCVideo.net !)
- Added Portuguese language (thanks to CooL !)
- Added Portuguese-Brasilian readme (thanks to YammYe !)
- Added some cropping utilities (automatic cropping of black borders or manual cropping...)
- Added an advance mode in order to precisely choose audio parameters. Just click on the arrow near the audio settings. Note that there are settings that can result in no sound at all (eg: 48000Hz, 16kbps, Stereo)
- Added a "VHQ" option (Very High Quality). You can obtain a better quality by checking this option, but encoding speed will decrease.
- Added a "XviD" checkbox. Check it if you want to use XviD as the encoding codec.
- Added a "no audio" option
- Added a "Audio direct stream copy" option
- Added an "IVTC" option. Check this option if you want to reencode a NTSC movie and you encounter out-of-sync issues
- Added a "deinterlace" option
- Improved significantly the quality with 2-pass encoding (ooops ! it was a bug...)
- Added support for Palm Tungsten T3 (not tested yet...)
- Slight improvements in the EXE size (recompiled mencoder and mplayer)
- Audio volume slider goes to 360 max (instead of 80)
- Added a log utility
- Corrected a bug with OGM files
- Corrected a bug when opening files on some computers...
- Corrected the Turkish translation (thanks to SDemirel !)
- Corrected two bugs with the "Framerate" EditBox
- Corrected a bug : the "select audio stream" box appeared during encoding...
- Corrected a bug : the resolution settings were not properly saved.
- Corrected a bug : when no streams detected in VOB files, switching to the default audio stream.
- Corrected a bug with cygwin dlls for some computers on which mencoder wasn't launched correctly.
- Corrected a bug with the list of tasks : between tasks, there was an input/output error

0.3.26Beta - 29-03-2004

- Added German language (thanks to Wigald !)
- Added Português-Brazilian language (thanks to YammYe and danilowagner@mail.ru !)
- Added Turkish translation (thanks to SDemirel !)
- Added support for selecting multiple source files (Just hit "Ctrl" when clicking in the "ChooseFile" dialogbox, to add a file to your selection).
- Added some maximal resolutions depending on the handled device (Smartphone, PDA or VGA-Screens (Archos devices, PDA-VGA, etc...)
- Added 2-pass encoding ability
- Added the ability to choose the audio stream for DVDs
- Added a way to encode video with subtitles. You have to set the orientation of the device to "Normal" (portrait) and to rename your subtitle file like your movie file with the extension ".sub".
- Removed all VirtualDub and Avisynth stuffs and replace them with mencoder in order to create OGM files.
- Added a statusbar in the bottom
- Added some advanced parameters (FPS, Orientation,...)
- Some filters were installed automatically (for vob playing). They weren't removed correctly each time the soft was exited. That's why you have to install vob filters manually now.
- Corrected a bug with commas in input files
- Corrected a bug with the preview functionnality
- Corrected some graphical bugs (removed maximize ability in Forms, ...)
- Corrected a bug ("" n'est pas une valeur entière correcte) that occured when encoding from a file whose name contained some special characters like ";" or ",".
- You don't need any installed codec anymore !

Version 0.3.25Beta - 17-03-2004

- Added Spanish language thanks to sportster53c and Octavio Fernandez. Go to "Help" to switch between languages...
- Corrected a major bug with audio streams in MPEG files (the audio stream was not encoded !)
- Added more informations about the system when clicking on the "i" button.
- DivX5 warning (if you don't have DivX on your system) is displayed now only once.
- Optimized the bug report page.
- Corrected some other bugs, that I can't remember... Sorry ;~)

Version 0.3.24Beta - 10-03-2004

- Corrected a big bug : now users can select an ogm or avi input video with ogg vorbis audio format
- Added a way to send me a precise bug report (with some info about the input movie)

Version 0.3.23Beta - 08-03-2004

- Corrected some minor bugs
- Replaced the contrast slider by a saturation slider
- Added hint about the selected quality when moving mouse over the 2 quality sliders
- Added two levels of audio quality for those users who have hearphones

Version 0.3.22Beta - 04-03-2004

- Corrected a big bug : audio / video synchronization when encoding multiple vob files. Mencoder's code was partly rewritten in order to deal with this feature.

Version 0.3.21Beta - 02-03-2004

- Corrected a bug : the movie file had sometimes some troubles when playing wit PocketMVP : the fourCC was not cleanly set.
- Corrected a bug : when overwriting a movie, the soft now shows a warning.
- Some other little corrections

Version 0.3.2Beta - 24-02-2004

- Added a way to raise the sound volume and the contrast.
- Added a way to zoom in the video (in order to crop the black borders in a movie).
- Added a preview function. This option encodes a random part of 10 sec of the file with the parameters you have entered and previews it.
- Added more information when encoding with mencoder (the encoding speed in Frames Per Second and an estimation of the output filesize). Improved the calculation of the remaining time.
- Completely rewrote the way the vobs files are joined.

Version 0.3.1Beta - 20-02-2004

- Now, the software should be compatible with old versions of DirectX. Note that if you don't want to upgrade to version 9 of DirectX, you won't have all the features enabled !

Version 0.3.04Beta - 16-02-2004

- Changed the way the detection of input stream is made. It shall be made safely now (hope so...).
- Some GUI bugs corrected (a button was overlapping another...)
- Changed the default priority of all background encoding process to "Idle" in order to prevent some computers from crashing.
- Added an option to change the background process priority.
- Corrected a bug when reading a DVD config file in order to get the DVD title.

Version 0.3.03Beta - 05-02-2004

- The changelog will now be written in English
- English version added. Easy Support for internationalisation. I'm trying to find someone who can translate the software in other languages so send me a mail if you are interested !
- Correction of a little bug in MEncoder (optimisation for 3DNow based processors)
- Correction of a nasty bug when choosing some particular vob files without any name for Audio Streams.
- Changes in version numbers.
- Sound volume increased when encoding with MEncoder.

Version 0.3.02 - 01-02-2004

- Correction d'un bug lors de la resynchronisation ("virgule flotante").
- Correction d'un bug : la barre de progression n'avançait pas avec MEncoder.
- Très très faible amélioration de la vitesse du soft et de sa taille avec les options de compilation.

Version 0.3.01 - 27-01-2004

- Correction d'un bug stupide sur la barre de progression.

Version 0.3.0 - 20-01-2004

Version majeure grâce à l'aide d'un pote (Jérôme) ! Inclusion de l'excellent logiciel d'encodage Vidéo "MEncoder". Les Linuxiens le connaissent bien, il est fourni avec MPlayer. J'ai utilisé une version de MEncoder pour Windows.
- 3 à 4 fois plus rapide qu'Avisynth. 6 fois plus rapide que VirtualDubMod seul !!!
- Plus besoin de codecs installés ! MEncoder inclue les codecs pour lire ET pour encoder la vidéo.
- La qualité du fichier de sortie a été augmentée avec MEncoder !
- L'affichage de la progression est plus précis avec l'option "MEncoder".
Points faibles :
- le fichier de sortie n'est plus un ".ogm" avec "MEncoder", donc plus de chapitrage et plus de vidéo segmentée. C'est grave ? Je crois pas par rapport aux avantages !
- le programme fait maintenant 6.3 Mo et mon modem 56K commence à fumer !

Version 0.2.51 - 18-01-2004

- Possibilité de choisir la piste audio avec un BivX en entrée

Version 0.2.5 - 15-01-2004

- Sélection automatique de la première piste audio si on a un BivX en entrée
- Fonction qui supprime automatiquement les bandes noires sur les bords de la vidéo pour les DVD.
- Petite amélioration de la rapidité d'encodage (amélioration très faible : environ 2%...)
- Inclusion de sous-titres à la vidéo si le logiciel détecte la présence d'un fichier .srt ou .sub à côté de la vidéo. Ce fichier doit avoir le même nom que la vidéo (par exemple : "roger_rabbit.avi" et "roger_rabbit.sub").
- Possibilité de lire le fichier final en mettant la vidéo à l'horizontale et sans avoir besoin d'installer OggDS.
- Bouton permettant de resynchroniser la vidéo et le son en cas de désynchronisation.
- Bug corrigé : Redimensionnement pour un DVD.
- Bug corrigé : Désynchronisation Audio/Vidéo quand le son du fichier source était en MP3 avec Variable Bitrate.
- Bug corrigé : Le programme refuse d'encoder une vidéo si l'espace disque est trop faible.
- Bug corrigé : Le mode "Haute Compatibilité AVI" permet d'ouvrir TOUTES les vidéos lisibles par le lecteur multimédia Windows.

Version 0.2.4 - 10-01-2004

- Fonction AVISynth ajoutée : cette fonction permet de...
- Encoder la vidéo 2 FOIS PLUS RAPIDEMENT !!!!
- être compatible avec toutes les vidéos lisibles par MediaPlayer (plus besoin de se torturer l'esprit sur le codec à utiliser : si la vidéo se lit avec MediaPlayer, elle s'encode avec Avisynth...)
- Effectuer un redimensionnement plus précis ("Precise Bicubic")

Version 0.2.3 - 08-01-2004

- Fonctionnalité DVD : Le programme permet d'encoder des fichiers DVD (*.vob) directement depuis votre disque dur. ATTENTION : Le programme n'est pas un "rippeur", c'est-à-dire qu'il ne décrypte pas le matériel sous copyright (DVD du commerce...)
- Ajout automatique des chapitres pour la fonction DVD
- Redimensionnement compatible avec la fonction DVD
- Compteur de temps restant ajouté
- A faire : le calcul de la taille finale de la vidéo est erronné si on ne possède pas le fichier d'informations type SmartRipper.
- A faire : avant la fin de l'encodage, la barre de progression s'arrête un moment pendant le traitement de l'audio. Ce n'est pas un bug mais je n'ai pas encore trouvé comment savoir où en est l'encodage audio en temps réel...

Version 0.2.2 - 06-01-2004

- VirtualDub a maintenant la priorité la plus basse par défaut lors de l'encodage, pour empêcher l'ordinateur de se "geler". Cela permet aussi de continuer à utiliser l'ordi pendant un encodage quand on n'a pas un biproc...
- VirtualDub corrige automatiquement le framerate de la video, i.e. quand le son et la vidéo sont un peu décalés à cause d'un mauvais encodage audio, VirtualDub ajuste le framerate de la vidéo pour que les 2 pistes (audio et vidéo) aient la même durée.
- Les programmes sont maintenant lancés en arrière plan. De plus, la barre de progression indique maintenant VRAIMENT la progression des opérations.
- Possibilité d'ajouter des chapitres à la vidéo (c'est une possibilité que donne le format OGM). Avantage : PocketMVP sait traiter ces chapitres (en tout cas la version du 18 janvier 2004) !!!!
- Toujours dans la rubrique chapitrage : comme PocketMVP ne permet pas de faire des sauts de quelques minutes en avant ou en arrière rapidement, j'ai rajouté une option de chapitrage qui permet d'ajouter automatiquement des chapitres toutes les 5 minutes d'une vidéo.
- L'appui sur le bouton d'arrêt de l'encodage arrête immédiatement la tache qui est en cours en arrière plan (le programme n'attend plus la fin de la tache...)
- La vitesse d'encodage a pas mal augmenté : utilisation du nouvel encodeur audio et gestion de VirtualDub optimisée...

Version 0.2.1 - 01-01-2004

- Changement complet du système d'encodage audio : le programme utilisé ne nécessite plus l'installation de Ogg Vorbis ---> La taille de l'exécutable diminue. Le nouvel encodeur est plus rapide et offre plus de paramètres de qualité.
- Possibilité de régler la qualité audio et affinage du calcul de la taille estimée de la vidéo finale. La qualité des versions précédentes de "PocketDivXEncoder" correspond à la qualité n°4, mais en baissant la qualité jusqu'à 1, on peut gagner pas mal de place et d'utilisation processeur sans trop déteriorer l'écoute...
- Possibilité de couper la vidéo finale en segments de taille déterminée.
- Petits changements dans l'interface

Version 0.2.03 - 27-12-2003

- Correction d'un bug dans "Quartz.dll" lors du redimensionnement de la video avec aperçu.
- Correction d'un bug qui "pouvait" afficher un message à l'infini lors de l'ouverture d'un fichier par le prog : "La taille de la video n'a pas pu être détectée".
- Le Pad du dessin de pocketPC dans l'aperçu de la video est cliquable : cliquez sur les flèches pour zoomer/dézoomer et sur le point au milieu des flèches pour mettre la video en pause. C'était un peu pour le fun...

Version 0.2.02 (merci énormément aux beta-testeurs - 20-12-2003

- Correction du bug qui empêchait d'ouvrir des fichiers contenant des accents.
- Correction du bug qui empêchait le bon fonctionnement du soft à partir d'un fichier sur CD. Le soft est normalement maintenant capable d'encoder une video directement depuis un CD.
- Possibilité de redimensionner la video en mode visuel (aperçu de la video pour vérifier le redimensionnement...). Comme dans chaque cas de manipulation video dans un prog, il se peut que chez certaines personnes, cette fonction ne marche pas. Si c'est le cas, ce n'est pas grave : il suffit de ne pas cliquer sur le bouton de redimensionnement et le programme marchera normalement quand-même.

Version 0.2.01 - 15-12-2003

- Rajout d'une fonction permettant de garder les proportions d'une video
- Possibilité d'augmenter la luminosité de la vidéo
- Correction d'un petit bug lors de l'ouverture d'un fichier qui donnait parfois une taille finale estimée incorrecte ou alors qui plantait le programme lors de l'ouverture d'un fichier.

Version 0.2.0 - 12-12-2003

- Gestion complète d'une liste de taches pour encoder plusieurs vidéos d'affilée (Ouverture, sauvegarde, édition)
- Affichage de la taille totale estimée de la vidéo
- Ajout d'une barre de progression pour connaitre l'état d'encodage des taches